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SWOP Milestones

1974 A group of concerned industry experts meet to explore the possibility of forming a committee to write specifi cations for material supplied to web offset publication printers.
1975 Representatives of various graphic arts industry segments agree to form a review committee and write specifications. It is decided that unanimous agreement of all endorsing organizations was required for approval of the specifications and all future updates. This becomes the core concept on which the SWOP Specifications are founded.
1976 Specifications for Web Offset Publications and its acronym, SWOP, are first used. Specification booklet updates are published in 1977, 1978, 1981, 1986, 1988, 1993, 1997 and 2001.
1986 The 1986 booklet edition updates the specifications, and for the first time includes guidelines for the web printing of publications. In cooperation with GAA (Gravure Association of America) SWOP specifications are adopted by the gravure process, which allows advertisers to produce fi lm that can be used interchangeably.
1988 SWOP is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation, and a board of directors is formed.
1993 SWOP specifications begin to address electronic file preparation and the transfer of graphic arts data in a digital workflow. Off-press, analog and digital proofing are covered in more detail, including the development of SWOP Application Data Sheets that help users make a proper proof.
1997 In the eighth edition of the booklet and in a subsequent brochure, "Digital Specifications and Requirements," SWOP addresses computer-to-plate as an important production method for publication printers across the country.
1999 SWOP debuts the SWOP Certification Program for Off Press Proofing Systems.
2000 SWOP, Incorporated becomes affiliated with the Digital Distribution of Advertising for Publications (DDAP) for the purpose of creating synergy with other industry standards groups.
2003 "SWOP" becomes registered as a trademark of SWOP, Inc.
2004 SWOP and IDEAlliance form a coalition to support print media through the coordinated development of standardized specifications and guidelines, certification programs, software tools, educational seminars, and peer support networks. SWOP 10th edition published, with an orientation toward the Computer-to-Plate workflow.
2005 SWOP merges with IDEAlliance and becomes a Program within IDEAlliance.

SWOP adopts a new #3 grade paper (such as Fortune Gloss).

SWOP adopts the G7 Proof-to-Print Process.

The IDEAlliance Print Properties Working Group conducts first web press runs to characterize publication printing on a #3 sheet and a #5 sheet and develops characterization data sets for each sheet.

IDEAlliance forms a research alliance with Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Applications Laboratory

IDEAlliance launches a combined SWOP/GRACoL Hard Copy Proofing Systems Certification Program

IDEAlliance launches a combined SWOP/GRACoL Proofing Summit to gather industry feedback to guide the proofing certification programs

IDEAlliance launches a combined SWOP/GRACoL monitor proofing certification program