Application for Proofing Certification

Instructions:  Please complete and submit this form to apply for Proofing System Certification.

  • Payment must be made in FULL to IDEAlliance prior to the start of the certification process. The fee covers two (2) trials. Certifications do not expire.
  • A system is defined as:
    • Monitor:  Software and the display
    • Hard Copy:  RIP, Printer, Ink and Substrate
  • For Monitor Certification, you must contact RIT’s Printing Applications Laboratory to schedule the certification.
    It is required that a technician/representative from your company be present during the Monitor Certification process.
  • Hard Copy Proofing Certifications are ongoing.  You may submit your materials directly to RIT’s Printing Applications Laboratory after completion of this form.
  • A System is Certified when the proof passes the certification test and the ADS is approved and posted to the IDEAlliance website.

1. Company name

2. Company Address 

3. Company Address 

4. Company Address 

5. City/State/ZIP

6. Country

7. Contact Name: (Last, First)

8. Title:

9. Email:   

10. Telephone: 

11. Are you an IDEAlliance Member?

12. Proofing System Certification Type:

13. Proofing Certification Category:

14. Name of system to be certified:
For Monitor: Software & Display Name
For Hard Copy: RIP, Printer, Ink and Substrate

RIT PAL Shipping Address and Phone

Printing Applications Lab
Rochester Institute of Technology
Building 78, Room 1530
66 Lomb Memorial Drive Rochester, NY 14623
(585) 475-6878